When I was locked in — I am loath to say stuck — in Sydney with loved ones three months longer than anticipated, I participated in an online ASA course on platforms like zoom, teams, etc. …

So much has been happening that I can barely keep up, and I still have so much to do. Of course, only interesting things seem to rise to the top of my to do list, but there are chores to do and needs must.

I nearly participated in Vienna Contemporary Art Fair in an installation by Alfredo Barsuglia, but getting wobbly on the ladder convinced me that I was little more than an artist´s prop and not there to bring the house down. …

Artwork: with permission of the heirs of the late Jörg Allinger

Definition from Investopedia:


“What Is Networking?

“Networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting. Networking often begins with a single point of common ground.

“Networking is used by professionals to expand their circles of acquaintances, to find out about job…

Chapter 1 — Fingered Love

Steven arrived in Plousecat on a Tuesday in early September. The sea wind ruffled his curly red hair and the smell of salt teased his nostrils as he walked down the narrow cobbled street to the Auberge d’Iseult where he had booked a room. The Auberge d’Iseult was a village…

a cookbook to steam the senses with its tales of love

An entree is not just a first course, it can also be an introduction to a continuing repast. A dessert may be a meal in itself, and not just an ending.

Part 1 — Late Summer
Chapter 1 — Fingered…

A guest post discussing the joy of publishing a debit novel at 7o!

New Release Spotlight and Author Guest Post: All the Beautiful Liars by Sylvia Petter

I hope Ellesea won´t mind us having a chat on her blog. It´s about books and writing and how it´s never too late to publish.

It´s never too late — on publishing as an older writer


via Arab World Books

This paper was prepared as a contribution to the 2nd International Conference on Creativity and Writing, Orivesi, Finland, 19 to 22 November, 2010.

As an Australian writer having lived most of my life in countries not of my mother tongue, I have employed various strategies to warm up before sitting…

Sylvia Petter

Australian in Austria writing short, long, serious, sexy and fun. Author of stories and the novel, All the Beautiful Liars (2020, a Lightning Bolt eBook)

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